A POCUS Protocol for Intussusception

Can POCUS improve work flow?

By Delia Gold, MD on 02/12/18 04:00 AM

Intussusception is hard to spell - but is it hard to see on point-of-care ultrasound? Fortunately, no it's not. This study aims to see what happens when an emergency department starts implementing a "POCUS-first" strategy in children who may have intussusception.


Distinguishing Retinal Detachment from Posterior Vitreous Detachment

Can we do it accurately?

By Michael Prats, MD on 01/29/18 04:00 AM

Retinal detachment and posterior vitreous detachment can present very similarly. Retinal detachment is generally a more serious condition. Ultrasound can find both pathologies, but how well can POCUS users distinguish between these two? Answer :(


Utility of the Common Bile Duct

Is it worth your time?

By Michael Prats, MD on 01/15/18 04:00 AM

Measuring the size of the common bile duct is a standard part of the sonographic evaluation for biliary pathology. Sometimes this can pose a challenge as it is often very small when not pathologically dilated. These authors wanted to find out how important this measurement is when diagnosing complicated biliary diseases. Read on to find out - do we need to keep measuring this or can we forget about it?

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