Accuracy of 3 Point DVT Exam

Will it ever be good enough?

By Chris San Miguel, MD on 02/26/18 04:00 AM

Point of care ultrasound can be great for finding and excluding deep vein thrombosis, but this is a high-risk diagnosis, so we want to be sure. Previous evidence has shown that a cursory look at two points along the lower extremity was not sufficient to rule out a DVT. This article attempts to re-examine the accuracy of POCUS for this indication with a more thorough examination.


A POCUS Protocol for Intussusception

Can POCUS improve work flow?

By Delia Gold, MD on 02/12/18 04:00 AM

Intussusception is hard to spell - but is it hard to see on point-of-care ultrasound? Fortunately, no it's not. This study aims to see what happens when an emergency department starts implementing a "POCUS-first" strategy in children who may have intussusception.


Distinguishing Retinal Detachment from Posterior Vitreous Detachment

Can we do it accurately?

By Michael Prats, MD on 01/29/18 04:00 AM

Retinal detachment and posterior vitreous detachment can present very similarly. Retinal detachment is generally a more serious condition. Ultrasound can find both pathologies, but how well can POCUS users distinguish between these two? Answer :(

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