TEE to Shorten Compression Pauses in Cardiac Arrest

Better than TTE?

By Michael Prats, MD on 03/18/19 06:00 AM

TEE has been heralded as the latest and greatest way to monitor a cardiac arrest resuscitation. The advantages include continuous monitoring of cardiac activity, ability to evaluate efficacy of chest compressions, and better evaluation of etiologies of the arrest. Although many places are using it currently, there is not much evidence to support these theoretical benefits. What we do know is that a few studies have shown that transthoracic ultrasound leads to prolonged pauses in cardiac arrest. This study aims to see if TEE is the solution.


Integrated Lung Ultrasound for Acute Decompensated Heart Failure

The RCT you always wanted

By Michael Prats, MD on 03/04/19 06:00 AM

Many ultrasound enthusiasts have been using point of care ultrasound to assist in the diagnosis of acute decompensated heart failure, but it has not been widely adopted. It has been shown by many studies that ultrasound can visualize pulmonary edema easily so that treatment can be started quickly. However, some still cling to their chest xrays and their natriuretic peptides, just hoping it won't lead them astray. Well this trial aims to prove the superior accuracy of lung ultrasound combined with clinical assessment over chest xray and pro-BNP (also combined with clinical assessment). Hold onto your hats, because there is a lot we can learn from this well done randomized controlled trial of over 500 patients!


POCUS in Preeclampsia

What is there to see?

By Michael Prats, MD on 02/18/19 06:00 AM

Point of care ultrasound can be used for a great many things, but I don't think many people grab for the probe when a patient comes in with suspected pre-eclampsia. However, we know that pre-eclampsia can lead to pathophysiology that is readily identified on ultrasound - things like interstitial edema, cardiac dysfunction, and increased intracranial pressure. This study takes the first step by examining patients in pre-eclampsia and determining how often you might find something if you go a lookin.

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