Special Edition: Critical Care POCUS Articles in Dublin, Ireland

Part 2

By Michael Prats, MD on 03/12/18 08:46 AM

Our heroes return with more harrowing tales of ultrasound in critical care. Join us for the second part of our mini-series as our seven POCUS experts laugh and banter while discussing more concepts and new research in this field. Great stuff!


Special Edition: Critical Care POCUS Articles in Dublin, Ireland

Part 1

By Michael Prats, MD on 03/05/18 08:00 AM

What do you get when a bunch of POCUS and social media lovers get together to teach ultrasound? A podcast! This is part 1 of a round-table discussion of several articles in critical care ultrasound. The star-studded international collection of voices reviews the data and examines how it informs their practice.


Accuracy of 3 Point DVT Exam

Will it ever be good enough?

By Chris San Miguel, MD on 02/26/18 04:00 AM

Point of care ultrasound can be great for finding and excluding deep vein thrombosis, but this is a high-risk diagnosis, so we want to be sure. Previous evidence has shown that a cursory look at two points along the lower extremity was not sufficient to rule out a DVT. This article attempts to re-examine the accuracy of POCUS for this indication with a more thorough examination.

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