POCUS Rounds in the ICU

Should I see you round?

By Zachary Risler, MD on 09/03/18 06:00 AM

We know that POCUS can be used in making many diagnoses in the critically ill patient. It also can help guide management. So why not perform it every day on every patient? That is the idea behind this article on POCUS rounds in the ICU. These authors compare patients who received a daily POCUS to those who did not - with real patient-centered outcomes! Is it too good to be true? Is a daily POCUS rounds something you should be doing in your ICU?


The RUSH Exam in Polytrauma

Should Trauma Be RUSHed?

By Michael Prats, MD on 08/20/18 06:00 AM

The RUSH exam is a family favorite. It's a reliably easy to recall hypotensive protocol that uses ultrasound to help determine the etiology of a patient's shock. Well here's a new idea - trauma patient's can be in shock too, right? So maybe we should perform a full RUSH exam instead of just a measly EFAST? Well...hold your horses there kiddo, there may be more to think about with this one.


The Evidence Atlas

From the makers of the POCUS Atlas

By Michael Prats, MD on 08/06/18 06:00 AM

The POCUS Atlas is a beautiful resource. You may be familiar with the Image Atlas, a crowd-sourced compendium of sonographic pathology created to help others learn point of care ultrasound. These same talented creators have recently unleashed the Evidence Atlas - another entirely free resource that summarizes much of the best evidence in POCUS. In this special edition interview, we talk with Matthew Riscinti, co-founder of the POCUS Atlas, about how this all came to be. We even do a quick review of one of the Evidence Atlas articles!

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Old school manual pulse checks got you down? How about using POCUS to check for a pulse in arrest?

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