Ultrasound G.E.L. (Gathering Evidence from the Literature) is a podcast for learning about recent literature in the field of point-of-care ultrasound. Our goal is to provide easily digestible information from scientific studies that will help your practice of ultrasound be evidence based.


Michael Prats, MD @PratsEM

Mike is assistant ultrasound director at the Ohio State University Wexner medical center. He loves ultrasound, ukulele, bikes, and interesting beers.

Creagh Boulger, MD @CreaghB

Creagh is associate ultrasound director and ultrasound fellowship director at the Ohio State University Wexner medical center. She loves ultrasound, trauma, EMS, and a nice blouse.

Jacob Avila, MD @UltrasoundMD

Jacob is the emergency ultrasound director at the University of Kentucky. He is the creator of 5minsono.com, a member of ultrasoundpodcast.com, and a frequent contributor of ultrasoundoftheweek.com. He also likes creating drinking games based off of how many times he will say ultrasound in his bio.

Zachary Risler, MD MPH @zrisler


Zach is director of GME point of care ultrasound education at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He loves food, skiing, road biking, and going to the beach with his family.

Podcast Intro and Outro performed by UltraSound A Cappella