Variability in Interpretation of Cardiac Standstill

Yes - it's a problem

By Michael Prats, MD on 10/09/17 02:00 AM

Ultrasound is used in cardiac arrest frequently. We know that it can provide some prognostic information regarding a patient's chance of survival. But before we go calling everybody dead based on our ultrasounds, we should make sure everyone agrees what constitutes "no cardiac activity". This articles takes a look to see the level of agreement among a group of physicians classifying point of care cardiac ultrasound clips as cardiac standstill or not.

Ultrasound in Skin and Soft Tissue Infection

POCUS vs the Clinical Exam

By Michael Prats, MD on 09/25/17 02:00 AM

Have you ever stabbed into an abscess only to have nothing come out? Have you missed an abscess because you thought it was just cellulitis? In theory, ultrasound should be able to help us here by finding that magical pocket beneath the skin that is just asking to be drained. Does the literature support this? Is ultrasound superior to the exam alone? This metaanalysis takes a look at the studies that have been done to find out.

Lung and Cardiac Ultrasound Protocol for Acute Heart Failure

A quick diagnosis?

By Michael Prats, MD on 09/11/17 02:00 AM

Ultrasound can be helpful for diagnosing acute heart failure - mainly by looking for signs of pulmonary edema and poor systolic heart function. Previous results have shown that ultrasound is accurate for the diagnosis, but maybe you're worried that it takes too long. This article tries to test a simple and fast ultrasound protocol that can maintain accuracy in making the diagnosis.

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