Small Bowel Obstruction (#2)

Revisiting The Accuracy of POCUS

By Michael Prats on 10/15/19 06:00 AM

POCUS can be used to visualize small bowel obstruction (SBO) fairly easily. It has proven itself superior to xrays and has some advantages over CT, which for most people is the standard for diagnosis. Although initial work was quite promising, there were no large studies done confirming the accuracy of ultrasound for this purpose. In this podcast we examine the latest study (plus discuss a bonus similar one) that reveals maybe this is not as good as we thought!

LVOT Opening in Cardiac Arrest

More Support for TEE?

By Michael Prats on 09/30/19 06:00 AM

There are many ways that TEE can help you in cardiac arrest. One of these is to monitor your chest compressions to make sure they are actually doing what you want. Although this makes sense intuitively and is supported by animal models, there has not been a lot of evidence to date. This article takes a step in that direction by showing some data on outcomes in humans.

Carotid Intima-Media Thickening

Predictor of Stress Test Results?

By Michael Prats on 09/02/19 06:00 AM

We know that the carotid arteries are easily seen on ultrasound, but usually we think of this scan in the context of comprehensive sonography. Certainly, it is not hard to believe that having increased atherosclerotic build up would put someone at increased risk for coronary artery disease, but what can we do with that in the acute setting? These authors had an idea - maybe measuring the Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (CIMT), could be a predictor of the outcomes of a cardiac stress test. Is this brilliance or craziness? Decide for yourself!

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