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US-Guided Regional Anesthesia for Acute Pain: The Evidence

Part 2

By Michael Prats on 12/23/19 05:00 AM

Back with more blocks in Part 2. Mike and Mike continue to explore, discuss, and laugh about the evidence for ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia for acute pain management.

US-Guided Regional Anesthesia for Acute Pain: The Evidence

Part 1

By Michael Prats on 12/09/19 06:00 AM

Everyone who has ever done one knows that ultrasound guided blocks are great. They seem to help patients, they are fun to do, but are they supported by the evidence? Mike Stone joins in on this two part, special edition dive into the studies out there for performing ultrasound guided regional anesthesia for acute pain.

SHoC-ED & the Erector Spinae Block

Part 1 from IAEM 2018

By Cian McDermott on 07/08/19 06:00 AM

In October 2018, an all-star group met during the Irish Association for Emergency Medicine annual conference to talk about point-of-care ultrasound. The result was a convivial discussion of a few key papers and topics, packed with pearls and perspectives. In part 1 of 2, the group talks about the landmark original SHoC-ED trial and performing the erector spinae plane block for rib fractures.

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