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Septic Arthritis of the Hip

Does POCUS Expedite Care?

By Michael Prats on 04/26/21 04:00 AM

We have been ultrasounding hips for a while now. We know this modality is accurate for finding effusions. This can really help in cases of suspected septic arthritis. Unlike patients with this disease, this study takes multiple steps forward. First it asks the question - "Does point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in the emergency department lead to a faster diagnosis?". Then it goes further by trying to determine whether or not POCUS can lead to earlier treatment as well. Fascinating results from a really hip study!

Integrated Lung Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of COVID-19

Better than PCR?!

By Michael Prats on 02/01/21 04:00 AM

Look - we're sorry. We know you are sick of COVID-19, but when this came across our desk we knew it was important. So far we know that point-of-care lung ultrasound is accurate for the diagnosis and even that extent of sonographic findings can correlate with the severity of disease. Now we ask - could it provide a superior diagnostic strategy to even our beloved PCR??


The Accuracy of POCUS

By Michael Prats on 11/09/20 04:00 AM

Ultrasound of the bowel is a relatively new application for POCUS users. It came into the spotlight proving itself with small bowel obstruction, but now we are slowly peristalsing even further down the colon of indications. You may be surprised to find that you can actually see diverticulitis on ultrasound, but it turns out it's not that hard! The question is - how reliable are the sonographic findings? This study is one of the largest to compare POCUS to CT to investigate this important application.

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