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Septic Arthritis of the Hip

Does POCUS Expedite Care?

By Michael Prats on 04/26/21 04:00 AM

We have been ultrasounding hips for a while now. We know this modality is accurate for finding effusions. This can really help in cases of suspected septic arthritis. Unlike patients with this disease, this study takes multiple steps forward. First it asks the question - "Does point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in the emergency department lead to a faster diagnosis?". Then it goes further by trying to determine whether or not POCUS can lead to earlier treatment as well. Fascinating results from a really hip study!

Shoulder Dislocation Revisited

A Better Way to Diagnose?

By Michael Prats on 08/03/20 05:00 AM

People have been using POCUS to diagnosis shoulder dislocation for a while now, although it is far from standard of care in most places. We have seen that it is really accurate compared to xray, but this well-done study adds some important information to the existing literature. They measure the glenohumeral distance in an attempt to make a quantifiable cut-off point for dislocation. They also take a look at potential time savings of ultrasound compared to xray!

Deep Learning for Peripheral IV Anatomy

Expert vs Artificial Intelligence

By Michael Prats on 07/06/20 05:00 AM

Deep learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that holds a lot of promise for point-of-care ultrasound, but we don't have much data on how it performs. The fearless investigators in this fascinating study train a deep learning algorithm to recognize sonographic anatomy of the upper extremity and then pit it against expert POCUS users to see who can interpret the images most accurately!

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