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Ocular POCUS of Retinal Detachment, Vitreous Hemorrhage, and Vitreous Detachment

The Sound of Sight

By Michael Prats, MD on 06/10/19 06:00 AM

They say seeing is believing...what about seeing a study about a machine that listens in order to see an organ that itself is used to see? Most scholars agree this too is believing. Of course, we are (in a convoluted way) referring to ocular ultrasound. Historically a great party trick, can this modality accurately diagnose visual problems in the emergency department? It's been done before, but it hasn't been done to this degree. Sit back, relax, and visualize the latest in ocular POCUS research.

Distinguishing Retinal Detachment from Posterior Vitreous Detachment

Can we do it accurately?

By Michael Prats, MD on 01/29/18 04:00 AM

Retinal detachment and posterior vitreous detachment can present very similarly. Retinal detachment is generally a more serious condition. Ultrasound can find both pathologies, but how well can POCUS users distinguish between these two? Answer :(

Ultrasound for Posterior Ocular Pathology

I can't believe my eyes

By Michael Prats, MD on 05/08/17 02:00 AM

The eye was made to ultrasound - it is fluid filled and easy to find. Ultrasound can be used to diagnose many causes of acute visual complaints. This is important because often times a) comprehensive dilated fundoscopy is not feasible and b) there are no ophthalmologists around. So how good is it? This study compares point of care ultrasound to an ophthalmologists exam in diagnosing posterior ocular pathology such as retinal detachment, vitreous detachment, and vitreous hemorrhage.

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