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Innovation Through Collaboration

Combined Fellowships & Ways to Work Together

By Michael Prats on 03/29/21 04:00 AM

In this Special Edition podcast, Mike is joined by POCUS leaders and educators Nova Panebianco and Cameron Baston to discuss their recent publication on interdepartmental collaboration with ultrasound. They discuss their process for creating a combined fellowship and share additional pointers in achieving mutually beneficial relationships between departments.

G.E.L. 100

Featuring Listener Dreams for POCUS Research

By Michael Prats on 10/12/20 04:00 AM

Well...we finally made it. This is the 100th episode of the Ultrasound G.E.L. Podcast! The whole team is on this one, and we discuss thoughts sent in by our listeners on the future of point-of-care ultrasound research. Also reflections, plans, and thank yous.

How to Do POCUS Research - Part 2

Back for more with Michael Gottlieb

By Michael Prats on 06/08/20 05:00 AM

We are back with Part 2 of discussing POCUS research with renowned expert and researcher, Michael Gottlieb. More pearls, pitfalls, tips, and tricks to help you step up your POCUS research game. This is the final episode in this two-part special edition, and we wrap it up as always with some take home points!

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GEL Jr. has launched!

Get ready for some great pediatric POCUS content from your new favorite podcast hosts Delia Gold, Lianne McLean, and Russ Horowitz! Super excited for this great team! The first episode is out now - check it out!