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Lung Ultrasound for Acute Chest Syndrome

Accuracy & Satisfaction

By Delia Gold on 03/15/21 04:00 AM

Acute chest syndrome is such a great application for lung ultrasound, especially in pediatrics where we do everything we can to dodge the harmful affects of ionizing radiation. We have covered this once before on the podcast, but it was ages ago. This is a recent well-done study that takes another look to see how ultrasound compares to the commonly employed chest radiography. Join the GEL Jr team as they discuss how this might play out in practice!

Integrated Lung Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of COVID-19

Better than PCR?!

By Michael Prats on 02/01/21 04:00 AM

Look - we're sorry. We know you are sick of COVID-19, but when this came across our desk we knew it was important. So far we know that point-of-care lung ultrasound is accurate for the diagnosis and even that extent of sonographic findings can correlate with the severity of disease. Now we ask - could it provide a superior diagnostic strategy to even our beloved PCR??

COVID-19 Severity

What Can POCUS Tell Us?

By Michael Prats on 09/14/20 04:00 AM

We haven't discussed COVID-19 for a long time, despite the explosion of POCUS articles on how ultrasound can be used during this pandemic. Many of the articles have focused on the accuracy of POCUS for making the diagnosis, or comparing the ultrasound findings to those on CT. These are helpful, but now what we really want are studies that help establish that POCUS is helping with delivering patient care - either diagnostically or prognostically. This article seems to take the first step in this direction by examining the prognostic utility of lung ultrasound in this disease.

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