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Deep Learning for Peripheral IV Anatomy

Expert vs Artificial Intelligence

By Michael Prats on 07/06/20 05:00 AM

Deep learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that holds a lot of promise for point-of-care ultrasound, but we don't have much data on how it performs. The fearless investigators in this fascinating study train a deep learning algorithm to recognize sonographic anatomy of the upper extremity and then pit it against expert POCUS users to see who can interpret the images most accurately!

Focused Echo for Pulmonary Embolism in Patients with Abnormal Vital Signs

Let's Try to Be a Little More Sensitive

By Michael Prats on 02/17/20 05:00 AM

A focused cardiac ultrasound is commonly used in the evaluation of patients with possible pulmonary embolism (PE). Based on the literature to date, we know that this can be helpful for ruling in signs of right heart strain. On the other hand, so far, this focused exam has not been that helpful in ruling out PE. These authors try to fix that by optimizing the sensitivity of the exam in a population with abnormal vital signs.

Short versus Long for IJ Cannulation

The Battle of the Axes

By Michael Prats on 02/03/20 05:00 AM

It is an age-old question - short or long axis? Using ultrasound guidance for internal jugular vein cannulation is now fairly standard. There are a lot of opinions regarding if it is best to visualize the target in short axis (cross section) or long axis (parallel to the vein). There are certainly benefits to both. This episode features a prospective randomized trial that attempts to put an end to this debate.

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