G.E.L. 100 with Listener Dreams for POCUS Research

By Michael Prats

GEL 100

This Special Edition podcast is a celebration of where we have been, where we are, and where we are going - both for the Ultrasound G.E.L. Podcast and point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) research. We were delighted to discuss many creative, cutting edge, and incredibly important ideas for POCUS research that were sent in by listeners like you.

We hear from some of our INCREDIBLE listeners:

Patrick Bafuma

Idea: Mid-Level POCUS research

Hiten Patel

Idea: Outpatient POCUS for undifferentiated dyspnea

Cian McDermott

Idea: TTE in cardiac arrest for LVOT obstruction, VEXUS in the emergency department

Greg Eisinger

Idea: wearable ultrasound stickers for continued cardiac output measurement

Sara Urquhart

Idea: Evidence-based POCUS standard of care in every ED

Tim Hoffman

Idea: Community or rural setting POCUS competency

University of Pennsylvania Ultrasound Research Team

(Nova Panebianco, Cameron Baston, Nathaniel Reisinger)

Idea: Prospective multicenter outcomes based interventions, expanding beyond inpatient setting, influence of bias and racism, and education technology

Thank You

So many spectacular people have allowed us to be here. Here are just a few special thank yous:

Tom Prats

Expert Reviewers

✳ You

✳ Everyone doing POCUS Research

UltraSound A Cappella

✳ Rob Orman

✳ Everyone using evidence-based POCUS to help patients

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