The Future of POCUS Research

By Michael Prats, MD

SCUF Interview Byte

The annual conference of the Society of Clinical Ultrasound Fellowships (SCUF) is an incredible opportunity to converse and interact with many leaders in point-of-care ultrasound education and research. This is a second Special Edition podcast from the SCUF 2019 annual conference (check out the first one here GEL + FemInEM!). In this episode, we took advantage of having so many brilliant people in one place to ask them all a few question about what they think are the next steps in POCUS research. In this episode we hear from (in order of appearance):

Jennifer Cotton @SonoMojo

Srikar Adhikari @SonoStach

Jason Nomura @Takeokun

Alan Chiem @atchiem

Dan Mirsch @DanMirsch

Timothy Jang @uclaemsono

Lori Stolz @sonostolz

Kat Ogle @DrKittyKat

Nik Theyyunni @HeyDrNik

Vicki Noble @nobleultrasound

We also ask about some favorite research studies. Here are the ones mentioned:

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