SHoC-ED & the Erector Spinae Block

By Cian McDermott

IAEM 1 Byte

The Irish Association for Emergency Medicine (IAEM) meeting took place in Dublin from October 17th to 19th 2018. After the POCUS workshops, the ultrasound faculty gathered in the hotel lobby to record another special edition podcast. This isn’t the first time this has happened! - follow this link to a 3-part Special Edition podcast from Ultrasound GEL in 2017.

We were lucky to be joined by a fantastic international podcasting team - our experts came from Ohio, New Haven, Sydney, Holland, United Kingdom and Singapore as well as every corner of Ireland. You will recognise some of the faces in this picture!

IAEM group photo 1

Andy Neill

Nicolas Lim

Reinier Van Tonder

Ingvar Berg

Eoghan Connolly

Bob Hyde

Marcus Peck

Cian McDermott

Aidan Baron

David Lyness

Rachel Liu

Catherine Nix

Creagh Boulger

For part 1, we discussed two topics:

SHOC ED study. See the Ultrasound GEL review here

Erector spinae plane block describing a novel regional anaesthesia technique for rib fracture management in the Emergency Department.

Aside from the cutting-edge knowledge translation, something else fantastically special resonated as we recorded. We sat around the table, listening and chatting together via Andy’s mics, about important POCUS topics in Emergency Medicine, bound by the glue of serotonin and dopamine. For some it was their first ever podcast while others were old hands and there was a palpable feeling of inclusion, acceptance, collectiveness and connection among the international group

There is a sense of a new dawn breaking for Irish EM - POCUS is vitally important, it is here to stay and EM is leading the way in POCUS education. Many IAEM members have gone to extraordinary lengths to become experts in the area and hold their own on an international stage. From the outside it may have appeared clannish, but there was magic at work within the circle and we talked afterwards about feeling like smart, true and brave pioneers of POCUS.

Remember the scene from ‘Dead Poet’s Society’? Well that’s exactly how it felt in the group. There is a real sense of carpe diem & disruptive excitement bouncing around the heart of Irish EM!

IAEM Group Photo 2

Thanks for listening!

Special thanks to Andy Neill for sharing this audio, originally published on the RCEM Learning Podcast!

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